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The Kenya Institute of Energy (KIE), established in December 2012, is a fully accredited TVeta institution aimed at empowering individuals for technological advancements in Kenya.

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Be part of Kenya Institute of Energy, to equip you with Energy related skills that will enable you to harness resources for economic development with relevant technical courses

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The Kenya Institute of Energy offers an affordable fee structure, enabling accessible and quality energy education opportunities for aspiring individuals in Kenya.


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Are you seeking to elevate your career? Your search ends here with the Kenya Institute of Energy intake! Our cutting-edge technical and vocational education and training program provide you with the essential skills and qualifications to emerge as a frontrunner in your industry. Benefit from our extensive curriculum and seasoned instructors to swiftly develop into a proficient professional. Don't delay any further; seize this opportunity and enroll in the Kenya Institute of Energy today to propel your career to new heights!

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At the Kenya Institute of Energy (KIE), we take pride in our team of expert instructors who are at the forefront of their respective fields. Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that you receive top-notch training and guidance throughout your educational journey.


KNEC (Kenya National Examinations Council), KIE (Kenya Institute of Energy), KPA (Kenya Power Academy), and NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) are exam bodies that conduct assessments and certifications for energy-related courses at the Kenya Institute of Energy.

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Edutab Africa

Edutab Africa is dedicated to transforming learning through the use of technology, supporting local schools, teachers, as well as students. Their emphasis on STEM education helps bridge the gap and foster innovation. Our students at Kenya Institute of Energy benefit from Edutab's advanced online learning tools. We highly value our partnership with Edutab Africa for revolutionizing education in Kenya. We value our partnership

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Tony Elumelu Foudation

Tony Elumelu champions African entrepreneurship and empowers individuals through the Tony Elumelu Foundation. They drive economic growth, eradicate poverty, and create jobs, emphasizing the importance of the private sector in Africa's development. Jackline, a beneficiary, received a $5,000 grant and entrepreneurial skills. The KIE shares their belief in education for technological advancement and empowerment.

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The education system is outdated, hindering the potential of young people. Metis helps education innovators reimagine teaching and learning. Jackline, the founder, completed a 6-month fellowship program, gaining skills to make meaning, empathize, tackle challenges, iterate, and share knowledge. Her focus is cultivating youth leadership for climate resilience in Turkana. KIE supports her in understanding their purpose, and sharing accomplishments.

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The course on biogas technology holds a special significance for me due to the absence of electricity in my rural village. This knowledge will enable me to harness power and make a meaningful impact on the community by providing a sustainable energy solution.

Tullow oil Company LTD cited burgeoning skills gap as the main reason for not bringing in more locals in it’s work force, happy that Kenya Institute of Energy is addressing this challenge by enrolling me as a petroleum geoscience that I can take advantage of jobs offered by extraction firms.

Kenya Institute of Energy is offering my fellow students and I with modern technology and innovative solutions skillsets needed in oil sector, I will use them to harness my potential especially after furthering my education overseas. My dream is to add value by putting the skills to a good use in my community and beyond.

I’ll be glad to help in building my country’s economy after completion of my studies at Kenya Institute of Energy, as about “120,000 barrels of crude oil are expected per day upon completion of Lamu Lokichar Pipeline” reported by the principal secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Mining on March 6th,2022. This will create more job opportunities within and outside the country thus my skillsets from Kenya Institute of Energy will be highly needed.

Turkana is one of under developed region in Kenya therefore the crude oil find in Turkana is expected to be of more benefits to my country and more so to Turkana people. As a petroleum geoscience student, entrepreneurship as a unit has helped me of business opportunities that comes along with crude oil that will truly be of help to my nation and Turkana county.

Major constraints that prevents Kenyans particularly my marginalized community- Turkana County from benefitting from oil sector include lack of required skillsets. Thank you, Kenya Institute of Energy, for bringing to us petroleum geoscience course.

Empowering the Community

The Kenya Institute of Energy empowers communities by providing education, training, and resources for sustainable energy practices, fostering economic growth and environmental conservation.

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Licensed in Kenya and accredited by TVETA Certificate number: TVETA/Private/TVC/0079/2020